It's Amazing..So Amazing

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Lil Wayne & Juelz Santana - My Face Can't Be Felt (mixtape) - click to download
These are the uncut collabs for their album I Can't Feel My Face.

1. Rock Hard
2. Does What She Wants
3. Bonafide Hustla
4. With One Arm
5. No More
6. How Can Something
7. I Heard ft. Justin Timberlake
8. I’m From The South
9. What The 380 Said
10. If U Lookin For Me
11. It’s Been A Week
12. Cut Like A Blender
13. Lover Remix
14. I’m Not Human
15. Girlfriend
16. He Rap, He Sang
17. Maybach Music Pt. 2
18. I Am The Club ft. Skull Gang
19. That Thang
20. So Good
21. Blame It Remix
22. Turnin Me On Remix
23. Rap Cemetary

Tracks Not on the Mixtape by Weezy and Juelz (Click to download)
By Myself
Guys Like Us
1 Arm
Her, Him, Me

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