Anoother Charles Hamilton Mixtape......

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Charles Hamilton - Dead Zone
if link dies let me know and ill upload one

words that inspired me

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Miguel - lol. do that ish. we only r young n cute once...LOL
**this quote approved by The Psyentist

Can't waiiittt tilll this comes out!

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to bad i have to wait till april 2010...if my fingers stop working or i die before i play this game comes out ill be so pissed.
Final Fantasy XIII

thought* i posted this already..oopss

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GLC feat kanye west & T-pain - Flight School Click to Download
kanye's lyrics-
I got my superman power, my superman cape
These the last hours but superman late
Clock is ticking, damn, can you wait
Man will he come back and save the day
Fly across the earth put things in reverse
I wish this life was a movie I could just rehearse

Epic Fail

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It's Amazing..So Amazing

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Lil Wayne & Juelz Santana - My Face Can't Be Felt (mixtape) - click to download
These are the uncut collabs for their album I Can't Feel My Face.

1. Rock Hard
2. Does What She Wants
3. Bonafide Hustla
4. With One Arm
5. No More
6. How Can Something
7. I Heard ft. Justin Timberlake
8. I’m From The South
9. What The 380 Said
10. If U Lookin For Me
11. It’s Been A Week
12. Cut Like A Blender
13. Lover Remix
14. I’m Not Human
15. Girlfriend
16. He Rap, He Sang
17. Maybach Music Pt. 2
18. I Am The Club ft. Skull Gang
19. That Thang
20. So Good
21. Blame It Remix
22. Turnin Me On Remix
23. Rap Cemetary

Tracks Not on the Mixtape by Weezy and Juelz (Click to download)
By Myself
Guys Like Us
1 Arm
Her, Him, Me

Charles Hamilton..Ahaa!

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Some of Charles Hamilton's greatest the mixtape era
The Best of the Hamiltonization Process (click to download)

1. November 10th
2. Theories Of Wine
3. Brooklyn Girls
4. Outside
5. Loser
6. Delivery Or DiGiorno’s
7. Do What You Love
8. Windows Media Player
9. Verbal Vicodin
10. Jeezy Hamilton
11. Waterworks
12. Happy Ending
13. What’s Going On
14. The Bermuda Triangle w/ Show TuFli & Yung Nate
15. It’s
16. Mt. Rushmore w/ Hcho & St. Vil
17. Mr. Perfect
18. Lacey Duvalle
19. Shinin’
20. Lemme Know
21. Most Likely To Succeed
22. November 10th 2008

And personally this is my favorite Charles Hamilton Mixtape
Outside Looking In (Click to download)

Thanks Steve

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I told you i would

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If you haven't seen this movie by now...pleaaasee do

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tekkon kinkreet
A Pair of kid Black and White (named the Cats) try to prevent the yakuza from taking over their town. Really is one of the best anime movies ive seen. You can watch the movie here

Watch trailer for movie below

GoW 3 gameplay

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some leaked gameplay of GoW3

I'm Chilllllinn

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Wale feat. Lady GaGa - Chillin (<----click to download)

Most Played Song on My Ipod!?!?!!

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Nothin else needs to be said or typed...(<----except that)


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Mario Rihanna New Song

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ohhh, the irony of this song. Other than that its boss, Rihanna pwned Mario.

...But, i cant stop laughing when i hear the chorus LOL!
Mario feat Rihanna - Emergency Room (click to download)

Captures End of Rainbow

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This amazing picture was snapped last Sunday, following a storm on the west coast of the US, by amateur photographer Jason Erdkamp's iPhone. The leprechaun would have gotten pwwnnned

T.I. to Prison

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October 2007 T.I. was caught gettin a couple of machine guns and silencers. Charges finally went through and he is now recieving 1year and 1 day in prison and he has the pay something around $100300. The Time could be shortened to 10months with the community services he has done.
Your next CD better be ill with all that alone time


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Recently heard this song even though its been out for awhile..
Chip the Ripper - Ask About Me feat. Kid Cudi
Kevin Rudolg - Welcome to the World feat Kid Cudi

Interview with Kid CuDi, normally I'm not a fan of these..but he explains a lot about himself

the.LIFE Files Shuts Down Alife To Welcome Kid Cudi To NYC! from the.LIFE Files on Vimeo.

Again if you dont have the mixtape, here it is again
Kid CuDi - A Kid Named Cudi

More G.O.O.D Music

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GLC feat Kanye West - Big Screen


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Banksy is perhaps the greatest graffitist? to ever im gonna try and post some of his works everyday..

Quote? I guess so..

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When I was a kid I used to pray every night for a new bicycle.
Then I realised God doesn’t work that way, so I stole
one and prayed for forgiveness.
-Emp Phillips

Lykke Li and Mr. Hudson

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Dont know how to describe these to people, but its a genre that mixed in with all
Lykke Li has to be the most UNcute singer i have seen..thank god her music is amazin

Lykke Li- Little Bit
Lykke Li - I'm Good, I'm Gone

Lykke Li |MTV Music

Mr. Hudson and the Library
Mr. Hudson is an artist recently signed to Kanye's G.O.O.D. Music record lable. Kanye said Mr. Hudson will be bigger than him (kanye), HA! will see. Here is my favorite song from his past CD A Tale of Two Cities, and a song from his CD Straight No Chaser set to be released in the summer of '09.
Mr Hudson - Ask The DJ

Mr. Hudson There Will Be Tears Live

Scammers dont lie

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Big Sean freestylin before the SXSW show

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N.A.S.A. - New Music - More Music Videos
I was about to go to sleep, but i saw this.
Download the song here if you like it:
N.A.S.A feat Santogold (Santigold) Kanye and Li (click to download)

Album Art Wallpaper

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I put this wallpaper together last year when I was bored...Some of my favorite albums at that time


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Maybe I'll beat kanye's blog to this it wack though, but it has yeezy in it and im incredibly bias.
Alameda & Coldspring - I'm the Shit (Remix) feat Kanye West

ElectroPop Song

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Royksopp - Eple
People should't die without allowing this song to be stuck in their head

R&B issshhhh

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I didnt know if i wanted to put the download link on here or post the video...but i dont feel like waiting for the ish to upload so ill put the download links up, nor did i wanna get caught for uploading by the university.
Couple of newish R&B songs out. (click on song to download)

Omarion feat Lil Wayne - Comfort
This song doesnt need weezy, but crakk chill beat

Day 26 feat. Young Joc & Diddy (LAAAME) - Imma Put It On Her
Even though its Day 26, the chorus is catchy, if you get past the diddy'ism of the song...the worst religion in the world.

Trey Songz - Brand New
Hot song..No homo

Gorrila Zoe - Echo
LOL!!! gorrila zoe is making pop...but prolly wont admit, but song is depressingly hot. I almost feel bad for liking it

This is More Than Rap

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It's been a looooonnnng, a loooonnng time coming, but i knoooooww change gonna come
A song with the futures of hip hop, Asher, Sonic and B.o.B. If you like hip hop you'll like this. Mr. Roth snapps on this
Asher Roth, Charles Hamilton and B.o.B - Change Gonna Come

The Dream Love vs Money

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Not as hot as his last Cd...but here (HUY)

The Cudder

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Her are the three songs that leak from the Kid Cudi Album set to be released for Summer 2009.
Sky Might Fall

Super Boo

Switchin Lanes

Also if you dont have the Kid Cudi Mixtape, A kid name CuDi, here it is:

Swagger goes hard when I hear this song

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Raje feat Lil Wayne - So fly
The Beat is nasty

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If you have 2 hours to waste, watch this movie, The Girl Who Leapt Through Time. About A girl attending high school in Tokyo realizes she has the power to go back in time and re-do things (called a "time-leap") when she impossibly avoids a fatal accident at a train crossing one day. Its touching and I couldn't stop thinking about it all week.
Here's the link to the movie:

Keri Hilson ft. Kanye West & Ne-Yo "Knock You Down"

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LOL!! quizno commercials never fail

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Scott...put it in me

The Futrue of Hip Hop

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Asher Roth
Kid Cudi (even though he said he was going to retire..but changed his mind)
Big Sean
Charles Hamilton

Drake - So Far Gone Mixtape

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For those how haven't listened to Drake yet here's his mixtape So Far Gone. This has been on constant play on my ipod(Ipo)for the past month. The Lyrics are ill, first couple of songs have the kanye 808 tone to it. Hottest song is Successful. Give it a chance even though its that guy from Degrassi! This mixtape is better than most albums.

My inspiration. Coldplay - The Scientist

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First Post

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So, I dont know where to start, welcome to my blog...mostly about music and other interesting stuff. Lets make it Happen Captian