K.Michelle - Fakin It feat. Missy Elliot

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other than her nice attributes..this song is stupid dope...
K.Michelle - Fakin It feat. Missy Elliot

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Drake - Forever f. Eminem, Kanye West & Lil Wayne (prod. Boi-1da)

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Here's the final version of the song
Drake - Forever f. Eminem, Kanye West & Lil Wayne (prod. Boi-1da)

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KiD CuDi - Man On The Moon: The End of Day Snippets

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There more i hear pieces of this album the more obsessed i get with it. This really seems like itll be a crazy album. Its not just a hip hop album. Could be one of the best albums of the year in my book. but let me listen to the entire album first before i establish that.

XV - Benjamin Button f. M.A.S.H.

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Another unreleased track by XV that premiered on DJ Booth
XV - Benjamin Button f. M.A.S.H.

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Wale - World Tour f. Jazmine Sullivan (prod. Cool & Dre)

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New Wale off Attention: Deficit that should be dropping October 20th. The freshman class is coming out with albums now. Cudi album is coming out September 15 btw
Wale - World Tour f. Jazmine Sullivan (prod. Cool & Dre)

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Missing Bike

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So, i wanted a slurpie from 7Elven last night...and on the counter I saw this...Bike thief burn in hell, which i saw a flyer similar to this one on digg last week...pity the Indians didnt understand..

Drake - Forever f. Eminem, Kanye West & Lil Wayne (prod. Boi-1da)

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Well, this will be up on every blog..they're rumors floating around that kanye, Em, Drake and Wayne were on one song for the Lebron movie...well...here it is.....But on the song..THIS IS ILL. omg Em....you are amazing. I'll post the no tag version when it comes up. So, according to Shake this is the final version.

Drake - Forever f. Eminem, Kanye West & Lil Wayne (prod. Boi-1da)

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via: 2db


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please watch this

Donnis - Diary of An ATL Brave (Mixtape)

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This guy has a fresh sound to him. mad i was in bama when this mixtape was dropped, but i've been listening to this since i came back. Nice to hear something different from the south other than swag music. And if J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League is producing the beats...that's just lovely. has 10 deep ever disappointed? cudi...naaah, so take a listen:

J. Coles - Back to the topic (Freestyle)

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so dope, even though its written this is crazy
J. Coles - Back to the topic (Freestyle)


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sick from the heart.....


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I went kinda hardcore with the drugs today....

Jay-Z - Viva La Hova

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So, I've been meaning to rezip and post this up ever since i put this blog up. Love this mash-up mixtape featuring Jay-Z and Coldplay (my 2 favorites). Couple of the mixes done by Mick Boogie, The Kick Drums, Terry Urban, 9th Wonder and more.

DOWNLOAD: Viva La Hova

Waffles and Music

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Bried WTF story. So, i never knew Wafflehouse is apparently the shit now for food in alabama. My uncle was like, yall wake up we gonna go get some breakfast. I was like okay..we're gonna go to some moderately decent place. Little do i know he took us to the wafflehouse and i was like.."dude....wtf...why are there so many cars outside?" We walkin in this place(and i swear on my xbox 360) its was packed in there..with no empty seats. And to make it better, there were people dressed up eating there...madness! So we had to go to Shoneys where we saw a cockroach

So, over my time in alabama couple of songs came out...and its way to much effort to blog this on a blackberry. Just gonna put this in one post
David Guetta - Memories feat. Kid Cudi
On Guetta’s upcoming One Love album dropping August 25

Black Milk - Set Go
Thank you kyle for getting me hooked on this dude.

Trey Songz - Say Ah feat. Fab
Off of Ready coming out September 1st

Drake - Killer feat. Nipsey Hussle
Dont know where this song came from...but oh well, i likes.

Birdman - Money to Blow feat. Drake and Lil Wayne
From his upcoming album..wikipedia says it called Always Strapped...but it could change. Didnt think i would like this but i do. Love the Rufio/Captain Hook line. LOL

Jay-Z - Off That feat. Drake
About this track, why put Drake on a song if your only going to stick him to a chorus and not let him do what he does best? but at least Jay went in on this. Off the Blueprint 3 dropping September 11

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XV - G.O.O.D (Ft. Really Doe)

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XV - An Everybody’s Nobody leftover
G.O.O.D (Ft. Really Doe)

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Now Excuse me as i go to alabama for 4 days and melt my life away going to walmart and what not...fml

Hannibal King - Eating Cornbread On The Millenium Falcon

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This is dope, from Hannibal King
DOWNLOAD: Eating Cornbread on the Millenium Falcon
Via: Illroots

Whip Game

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OMFG! ROFL! Epic Fail

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Understanding Automatic Door Fail

LOL...wow....i wish i had sound..

My Best Drafted Team

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So this is the best team i drafted....just unreal.
How is this possible for a fantasy team?

QB - Donovan McNabb, Phi QB
RB - Matt Forte, Chi RB
RB - Clinton Portis, Was RB [Recent News]
RB/WR - Ryan Grant, GB RB [Breaking News]
WR - Randy Moss, NE WR [Recent News]
WR - Chad Ochocinco, Cin WR
TE - Jason Witten, Dal TE [Recent News]
D/ST - Ravens D/ST, Bal D/ST
K - David Akers, Phi K

And even managed to get a bench full of sleeprs...omfg..
Bench Santana Moss, Was WR (Steal)
Bench Julius Jones, Sea RB
Bench Matt Hasselbeck, Sea QB
Bench LeSean McCoy, Phi RB
Bench Percy Harvin, Min WR P
Bench Michael Crabtree, SF WR P
Bench Mark Sanchez, NYJ QB

I almost feel like i have to site this because it feels fake, so Click here

It's Amazing...

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dont know if this is real or not

Nero & Donny Goines - My Poetry (prod. Hannibal King)

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I'm feelin this, off the project eating cornbread on the millenium falcon coming out tuesday.
Nero & Donny Goines - My Poetry (prod. Hannibal King)

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again....fantasy stuff....

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new music has been pretty weak lately....

my fanasy football strategy...

Round 1: RB
Round 2: RB
Round 3: RB or WR
Round 4: WR
Round 5: WR or QB
Round 6: WR or QB
Round 7: TE and Sleepers!
Rounds after 7: sleepers and who cares...

Unless a Dres Brees, Tom Brady, Larry Fitz, Randy Moss or Jason Witten falls into my lap...this is my strategy....I dont pick a QB untill the 5th rd because there are 32 teams...and they only use 1 QB again....which is different for WR and RB...so, you can get a good or great QB in the middle rounds...done..PWNAGE..Biaaaa!


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(This bish kicks ass...and that's an understatement)
So, i just started watchin this new anime that's insanely confusing but yet im hooked. its called Kurokami and basicly about this dude that believes in this myth that there are 3 people that look like you. When you come in contact with one of these people that look like you, 2 of those people will die and there destinies fill fade to the one that will survive. some weird guardian girl comes in, explains more confusing stuff. i still dont know the full story of it yet because i havent finished the series yet, but so far its pretty good. Very freaky, weird...confusing...but good
Dont believe the freaky wtf part...watch this:

Well..if my explaination doesnt help, here's The Animations Network's Plot/Summary WITHOUT any spoiliers:
Plot Summary: In this world, there are three identical looking people in existence who split between them an energy-like force called “Terra.” This energy can be attributed to the amount of “Luck” or “Life Energy” that an individual possesses. There also exists beings who observe the human world, maintaining the balance of Terra, known as the “Coexistence Equilibrium.” These beings possess ability that surpass that of a normal human being and reside in hiding in places known as the “Pure Place” in tribes. They are called the Terra Guardians. This is a tale of battle that begins with a chance meeting between a human boy named Keita and a young Tera Guardian girl named Kuro.

WATCH HERE: KuroKami (click)


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Adele - First Love

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So, this is my favorite adele song, just thought i'd post it because its been in my head for awhile, maybe this will make it go away. My dad always walks in on me singing this song and stares at me(no homo). Adele is currently working on here sophomore album.
Adele - First Love

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Why digg is awesome....Teleport

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(Click to Enlarge..if only it was that easy)
The comments make me ROFL.

Shawn Chrystopher - A City With No Seasons (Free Album)

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1. …And I Present
2. On Stage
3. Believer
4. Position
5. Heartbreaker f. Chris Focus
6. Fresh Prince
7. [Untitled]
8. You’re Beautiful at Night
9. Lose Your Mind
10. Cloud 9
11. A Letter to an Angel f. Mateo
this has a 808s vibe to it. very nice to vibe to it. The more I play this, the more I like it. the production is smooth
DOWNLOAD: Shawn Chrystopher - A City With No Seasons (Mixtape)

Kanye West is......AMAZING!

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but not according to google...i dont know what led me to google kanye west, prolly just my obsession. but i ROFL'd when i saw this. i still think you're amazing Ye.


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My favorite song by LB, Litter Brother. Ipod was on shuffle, and went this came on i went crazy! but if you havent heard of LB, give them a chance...even though they dont have 9th wonder with them anymore. but pleeease listen to this song. oh my gaawd. when it starts out...im like...dope! off the album The Minstrel Show
Little Brother - Still Lives Through

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So, just got a blackberry. First post with it! I can blog in alabama now

Young Son

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Alot of this dudes song are gettin in rotation. Well, this is his first single from his album Dreamer's Poetry, its pretty dope. first heard about him from dj booth, but he's doin nice things now.
Listen Download: Young Son - Success Is...

Spectacular Spiderman

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I dont think enough people realize how amazing...spectacular spiderman is (no pun intended), to me its better best spiderman series i have ever seen. even better than the 90's series with the huge bulked up peter parker. Spectaular Spiderman takes place when petey is in high shool, and just tryin to survive it with bullies, his love life and of course his spidey powers. even though it looks hardcore for FOX kids, its a very good show. so if your not listening to How Fly, you better be watchin this. this pwns that new x-men show....forgot the name. And the theme song is awesome!
WATCH: Spectacular Spiderman

FINALY!!!! Curren$y & Wiz Khalifa - How Fly

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THIS IS AMAZING! dope mixtapes in august......i love you hip hop!
DOWNLOAD: Curren$y & Wiz Khalifa - How Fly (Mixtape)


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This is to promote Colgate...i dont think they meant to make this horrifying...wtf, id be shuck if they were my dentist, but speaking of colate they also made this which is kinda cool.
Via: Toxel

Why you dont come at Eminem

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so....i was chillin last night with peoples and the obsessed video comes on mtv jams. and they were like you know she was coming at eminem on this song. then i respond..did you not here em's track when he slaughtered her...so for those peoples that didnt know...let me introduce you to a real emC...dont understand why you'd make an em diss song a single..but oh well..

Eminem - The Warning (Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon Diss)

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MJB - Stronger feat.........chris brown

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Well, thank god this song is hot...this will be the second single of the album and also the theme song to the forthcoming documentary “More Than A Game” about Lebron James high school team. BANG BANG! yea im a lil late but stfu biaaa.
MJB - Stronger feat.........chris brown

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Jack Splash - "FlashBack" ft. Lupe Fiasco

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Jack Splash - "FlashBack" ft. Lupe Fiasco

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via: LupEND
Never heard of jack splash, but always down for new people and music

The Great Hangover Pt. 2

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so, here are the videos. Kinda earthquakie with the camera because i wanted to enjoy the concert.

88 Keys - Handcuffs

Colin Munroe 88 Keys - Last Cause

Colin Munroe Flashing Lights

Cudi - Down and Out

Cudi Dat New New

Cudi Man on the Moon

Cudi Heart of a Lion

The Great Hangover

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88 Keys, Colin Munroe, Kid Cudi, & Asher Roth
(this will be a huuuuge post, until i learn how to add a "continue reading" on my blog)
My ears are still ringing from the concert from 88 keys, Colin Munroe, Kid Cudi and Asher Roth...no B.o.B sadly. They performed in the eletric factory in philly, and was the final stop for The Great Hangover Tour. I guess i'll start out with 88 keys. dude was dope, did a couple tracks from The Death of Adam and called Collin Monroe to the stage to do a couple new and unheard songs. btw, i never had a camera that could take 2 min video that are over 200mb, which filled up my 2GB memory card right before cudi snapped. Blame it on pits. But back to 88 keys, my favorite track he did was Handcuffs, and Colin performed Flashing Lights and Last Cause. I only wish the audience actually knew who they were other than a handfull of people. Kudos to those handfull of people. And Shot outs to mikey and his green neon wrist band, he got game like EA(Teen rated games only)
To the main event, Cudi was too dope. When he came on i (and the audience) were emerged in the world of Cudi, that just put you in a zone. dont know how to explain it but i was literally like this if fucking crazy...excuse my language. It was very reminesant of Kanye's Glow in the Dark tour with the light display. He truly did own the stage that night. I was like wow...i dont want this to end if i wasnt so damn thirsty. It truly was amazing, i was glad my camera was full so i can just concentrate on and remember this performance. it makes you wanna live tha night over again. But his stand out performances to me were Sky High and Day n' Night. he did day n' night in 3 parts, (1) acapella, (2) the normal way and (3) and club remix which was crazy. literally can wait to cop his album Man on the Moon: The End of Day coming out September 15. check out some of the pics, i'll load the videos up on youtube later on and put the on a different post...The Cudders set was ill.
Doin Sky High...this was just too dope

Asher, Asher, Asher...he was so chilled and just vibed to the music. The dude really wants you to take out some green and light it up, which ended worked out in my favor thanks to the dude next to me. He knows how to put on a show, no lights, no special effects, just asher having fun doin real hip hop. I was so hyped, i almost for got to take pictures of him, to busy tossing my hands up. Also touched asher for the second time in my life when he staged dived...Cudi Staged dived to and I touched him also...NO HOMO. Overall the concert was amazing..if you happened to see it, i hoped you embraced that night because it was one of the greatest concerts i have ever been too. Good night, and check out the pictures. Videos coming soon, prolly when i get off of work tomorrow. (you can click on any of the pictures to enlarge them).
Shot outs to the green wrist band, and thats asher's towel. HA!
If you dont have any of the mixtapes here (click to download the following):
88 keys - Adams Case Files
Colin Munroe - Colin Munroe is the Unsung Hero
Kid CuDi - A Kid Named CuDi
KiD CuDi - Dat Kid from Cleveland (unoffical mixtape)
Asher Roth - Greenhouse Effect
let me know if one doesnt work
I'm not gonna post their albums...only 88 keys and asher has and album, but im sure you can use your resources to find it if you dont wanna buy it, or just ask me personally. ya diggg
If you want the other pictures i took, i uploaded to mediafire as a Zip file:
DOWNLOAD: The Great Hangover Pictures

Wow...you got pwned...illll kick

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just like bloodsport!

Nike SB Commercial

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