Waffles and Music

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Bried WTF story. So, i never knew Wafflehouse is apparently the shit now for food in alabama. My uncle was like, yall wake up we gonna go get some breakfast. I was like okay..we're gonna go to some moderately decent place. Little do i know he took us to the wafflehouse and i was like.."dude....wtf...why are there so many cars outside?" We walkin in this place(and i swear on my xbox 360) its was packed in there..with no empty seats. And to make it better, there were people dressed up eating there...madness! So we had to go to Shoneys where we saw a cockroach

So, over my time in alabama couple of songs came out...and its way to much effort to blog this on a blackberry. Just gonna put this in one post
David Guetta - Memories feat. Kid Cudi
On Guetta’s upcoming One Love album dropping August 25

Black Milk - Set Go
Thank you kyle for getting me hooked on this dude.

Trey Songz - Say Ah feat. Fab
Off of Ready coming out September 1st

Drake - Killer feat. Nipsey Hussle
Dont know where this song came from...but oh well, i likes.

Birdman - Money to Blow feat. Drake and Lil Wayne
From his upcoming album..wikipedia says it called Always Strapped...but it could change. Didnt think i would like this but i do. Love the Rufio/Captain Hook line. LOL

Jay-Z - Off That feat. Drake
About this track, why put Drake on a song if your only going to stick him to a chorus and not let him do what he does best? but at least Jay went in on this. Off the Blueprint 3 dropping September 11

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