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WHY this switch? well blogger sucks and wordpress is better. enough said.

Download for Haiti

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Greats songs for a good cause. even though its dope music, dope miss the point and donate. Maybe if i say LUPE is in this, itll get more looks. and he is in this.
"In partnership with the United Nations Foundation, Habitat for Humanity and Dave Matthews Band’s BAMA Works Haitian relief effort, Music for Relief is working to provide immediate aid with food, water, and emergency medical supplies, and long-term sustainable housing solutions for the people affected by this catastrophic natural disaster."

My All Star Teams

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G: Steve Nash
G: Kobe Bryant
F: Carmelo Anthony
F: Dirk Nowitiski
C: Tim Duncan
G: Chris Paul
G: Brandon Roy
F: Kevin Durant
F: Amare Stoudemire
C: Zach Randolph
Monte Ellis
Deron Williams
Chris Kamen

G: Rajon Rondo
G: Dwyane Wade
F: Lebron James
F: Chris Bosh
C: Dwight Howard
G: Derrick Rose (The East has no PG)
G: Joe Johnson
F: Gerrald Wallace
F: David Lee
C: Brook Lopez
JoahKim Noah
Paul Pierce
Ray Allen

This should be the all star teams, and if G. Wallace or David Lee doesnt get in there im gonna be pissed, and we need to look at the people who are doing hings in the NBA.

Juelz San...Tan..Aye! feat. Lil Wayne - Home Run

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Juel Santana feat. Lil Wayne - Home Run

**click To download**

Justin Bieber feat. Luda - Baby

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Been awhile, just had a gundam marathan. Now to the point, all hate aside this is the first and maybe last song ill like by Justin Bieber.
Justin Bieber feat. Luda - Baby


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Bacon, Cheese and then there is the all mighty Ranch. Ranch is one of the three wonders of the world. The perfect mixture of buttermilk, mayo, garlic, and all the shit that goes in ranch makes it amazing. In fact, Ranch adds at least 10% or more amazingness to whatever you put it on. There are many brands of Ranch, but the Brand that is at the top of the pedestal is Hidden Valley. Its godly, the perfect mixture, texture, and thickness. Not to liquidity that when you pour it just falls off, yet not to thick that it just flops there. Then of course this is Wishbone Ranch, but they just fall in every category to Hidden Valley Ranch.
If you ever get a chance to have the 3 wonders (Cheese, Bacon and RANCH!!) it will probably be the great meal you have ever had all week, maybe even all month. Until you have something else with the 3 wonders of the world.

PC VS Mac Parody

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LOL Fail

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saw this pick on and i rofl'd. LOLOL
...because you know his (Gilbert Arenas) hands are like guns..and he just got suspended indefinitely for having a gun in his locker room to play a joke on a teammate.

Mickey Factz

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This is epic, starting from the first song. Then i just get confused about his direction of this project. I'll mess with 4 outta the 8 songs on this project though. Sunrise is fire, no pun intended.

1. Sunrise

2. Amnesia

3. Turn It Up

4. Still I Rise

5. Ashes

6. S/ecrets T/hat D/estroy

7. Contemplations Of A King

8. Sunset

DOWNLOAD: Mickey Factz – thedarkphoenix: ALPHA | Mediafire