I Fixed It...minus the fixed

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Souvenir Landmarks

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I saw this on toxel and was like this is too amazing (as im listening to XV's mixtape). Photographer Michael Hughes travels the world with souvenirs and does his business...but these pictures are crazy....the Abbey Road pictures is just tmht (too much to handle....sanjaya said that in American Idle...no homo)

XV - Everybody’s Nobody

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DOWNLOAD: XV - Everybody’s Nobody
First QuESt, now XV....what a week. I've been waiting for this for a while....and basicly produced by seven...its tooo good to be true. Ima bump to this while im playin tiger woods 10 for the wii(which made my entire body sore)...
I'm listening to this right now..and this is illlllllllll....this is awsome, dude had 2 thumbs and knows how to rap, but really..on the real...for real...this is just a dope mixtape

LG GD910 Watch Phone Video Call

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QuESt - Broken Headphones

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the album was delayed a couple hours from 9pm to around 2am and i check on 2DBZ and notice that people are still waitin on the mixtape, constantly checkin quest twitter for updates about the mixtape. Glad that people notice talent and i get more quest on my iPo. I was refreshing 2DBZ every 5 min. HA!

DOWNLOAD: QuESt - Broken Headphones (Zip)
---2:31am - after 4 songs
--2:54am - after 9 songs
christmas in july...this dude just spazzed. beats and lyrics are crazy...this should not be a mixtape....hyped i got 8 more songs left to listen too
--3:21am - End
...wow.. now i can sleep in peace

XV & J.Cole - 2 of my new Favorite artist n 1 room

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Top Fake Facebook Pages

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On my daily(hourly) browsing of Digg i discover this:

Steve Jobs’ Facebook (PC World)

The Facebook of Genesis (College Humor)

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Broken Headphones coming out Tuesday. Come to think of it, Tuesday is gonna be a very nice day with QuEST's Broken Headphones and XV's Everybodys Nobody both dropping friday. But To the point...im not feeling the singing (the B Chorus I think) on this song, but the lyrics and chorus(A) is dope. Good quality song from QuEST
QuEST - Lavish Luxuriously

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Inequalities and Love

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Monster Hoodies [link]

Ninja Hoodies
aww...no pirate hoodies....HA! laaammes [link]

Polar Bear Hoodie
Cutest hoodie ever by Rocket World [link]

iPod Hoodie
The only thing more awesome than a hoodie is a ipod hoodie. i dont think there is a word to describe how awesome this is...just full with so much awesomeness. To many awesomeness. [link]

Teriyaki Boyz Shark Hoodies
BAPE designed hoodies for the japanese hip-hop group Teryaki Boyz...the dopest Hoodies in the world...but cost way to much for me to buy right now =\ [link]

Just to add more awesomeness to this post:

too many awesomes! tooo many awesomes!

Chrisette Michele - Fragile f. Wale

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this song is to dope not to be in your rotation
Chrisette Michele - Fragile f. Wale (Click to download)

The skillz of the fellow diggers

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Epic Hat Fail

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Fantasy Football

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So...who ever plays fantasy football with me...you have been warned. i shall pwn you all, and ill let you in on some of my kinda sleeper players..
Normally, my first 2 picks will be RBs', 3rd WR or QB...and 4th..WR or QB..so for that 5th round spot...these players may be available.
Sleeper Running Backs who should be around in the middle rounds of the draft:
1. Pierre Thomas Saints or Reggie Bush - Saints
3. Derrick Ward (not sure if he will start, but if he does..i'd take him) - Tampa
4. Felix Jones - Cowboys
5. Ray Rice - Ravens
6. Julius Jones - Seahawks
With Matt back for the seahawks, this should take more pressure of the run and open more holes..hopefully he can get 1200 yds...
7. Correll Buckhalter - Broncos
if you trust a denver running bac...i kinda dont..but...could be a steal in the later rounds or FA.

Sleeper Quarterbacks
1. Matt Hasselbeck
2. Aaron Rodgers
3. Jason Campbell
4. Joe Flacco - UD

if i had team with QBs all named Matts id be happy...my mid rounder QB picks...
Matt Ryan
Matt Cassel
Matt Hasselbeck

X to the Vizzy

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so, like promised...my favorite XV songs. Repping all the nerds. One of my favorite up and coming rappers. His album everybody nobody is dropping July 28th.
DOWNLOAD: XV- X to the Vizzy: top songs

Ribbon Staircase

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Jay-Z - Run This Town feat. Rihanna and Kanye West

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First single off of Blueprint 3, this is gonna have mad radio play...Ye killed it...
Jay-Z - Run This Town feat. Rihanna and Kanye West (Dirty)
Jay-Z - Run This Town feat. Rihanna and Kanye West (Clean)
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Normally i dont post albums...but i figured if you dont have it by now you wont buy it..and everybody should have this album via downloaded or bought...So Adele won like 50 grammys for this and went platinum after she got grammy'd up....Crazy beautiful voice and one of my favorite pop albums of all time...2 favorite songs are Chasing Pavements and First Love. so trust me and download if you dont have it by now.

DOWNLOAD: Adele 19

XV - In Due Time

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XV - In Due Time

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Had a Budget with no T, so Im tryna budge
Or find it Funny in the end like i'm Doug
Its said I got hope like a star wars jedi
even though these niggas try to sleep on me like red eye

XV is so siiick, im gonna cop his album Everybody knows, coming out July 31
I'm gonna try and post my favorite XV songs on here soon...but there's alot to go through because of his 80 song mixtape 40 days and night.

Lebron getting banged on by Jordan Crawford

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Bang Bang!

Taa Daaa! Disappearing Car Door

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Align Center

Via: disappearing car door

Coldplay - Strawberry Swing

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My second favorite video of all time from coldplay

NERO, It's Ya boooyy, Dude Gets Lyrical

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Couple of 90 Babies coming together for this masterpiece, Nero presented by Mike Waxx. Nero dropped his first mixtape Alive and Vibrant a couple months ago and it was crazy..couldnt believe the dude was only 16 then. This one has 6 new added songs to it, so dope. Hip hop is far from dead.
DOWNLOAD: Nero - Alive & Vibrant: Relive The Moment

The Roots - How I Got Over

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There first single from the 9th studio album, How I Got Over, should be dropping October 20th. I actually wont download this CD. Late putting this up to, but this song has been stuck in my head recently and not many people have heard this.
The Roots - How I Got Over

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Desiree Palmen

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Some dope photos from Desiree Palmen, a Dutch artist that has mastered that art of ninja picture taking.
For each photo, the artist designs a new camouflage suit, which again and again has to be made with the greatest precision, or the illusive effect will not work.

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Double Fail

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Bun B, Talib Kweli, & Colin Munroe - Don't Die

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<a href="http://illroots.bandcamp.com/track/beatnick-k-salaam-productions-present-bun-b-talib-kweli-colin-munroe-dont-die">Beatnick &amp; K-Salaam Productions Present Bun B, Talib Kweli, &amp; Colin Munroe - Don't Die by illRoots.com</a>
DOPE...that's all that's needs to be said (<--other than that)

as the world goes drake crazy......

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So this is drakes for leak of his album Thank Me Later...yea im uber late with puttin this up..thought i tossed it up already...but whatever, im still amazing
Drake - Winner

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Fab feat. Drake - Throw it in the Bag Remix

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KiD CuDi - Make Her Say (Ft. Kanye West & Common)

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Very gentlemen like video for that songs....Man On The Moon: The End Of Day dropping September

Bums get money

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I come back from VA, click on digg and see this..ROFL

Despicable Me

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Looks interesting..coming out July 2010. Also the song at the end of the trailer was Pharrell WIlliams' Despicable Me, and the beat is disgusting, listen(slash)download the the full song below.
Pharrell WIlliams - Despicable Me

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Colin Munroe - Start A War

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One of my favorite n00b artist, Colin Munroe. his first song from his new album Don’t Think Less of Me that should be dropping this fall.
Colin Munroe - Start A War

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I previously made a post about his mixtape incase you missed...so i'll just copy and paste that isshhh
"Last time on Dragonball Z"

I know, im kinda late with this (4months) but this dude is ill. the beats are crazy, and he does some magical stuff with his voice and audio tune. Dont know what to classify it as...i guess alternative? but if you are running out of things to listen to give him a chance.
But download his mixtape here:
Colin Munroe - Colin Munroe is the Unsung Hero (click to DL) Yes you can do this on Campus!!!ZOMG!
listen to some of the tracks, how nice:
The first track he doesnt say anything and its orgasms in my ear..WTF, so doppee


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Long story short, the song wasnt finished so they didnt put it on Twista latest album Category F5. but kanye came hard..and the beat is smooth
Twista - Alright feat. Kanye West

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In Soviet Russia Vodka Drink You!!

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Jordin Sparks...this song makes me happy ^_^

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big ass face for an album cover...wtf... no homo but i feel so cute posting this. From hee album Battlefield coming out July 21st...wont buy the album but this song is nice and might get mad radio play...
Jordin Sparks - Walking on Snow

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