Colin Munroe - Start A War

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One of my favorite n00b artist, Colin Munroe. his first song from his new album Don’t Think Less of Me that should be dropping this fall.
Colin Munroe - Start A War

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I previously made a post about his mixtape incase you i'll just copy and paste that isshhh
"Last time on Dragonball Z"

I know, im kinda late with this (4months) but this dude is ill. the beats are crazy, and he does some magical stuff with his voice and audio tune. Dont know what to classify it as...i guess alternative? but if you are running out of things to listen to give him a chance.
But download his mixtape here:
Colin Munroe - Colin Munroe is the Unsung Hero (click to DL) Yes you can do this on Campus!!!ZOMG!
listen to some of the tracks, how nice:
The first track he doesnt say anything and its orgasms in my ear..WTF, so doppee

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