WTF...idk why i like this

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Yung L.A. feat. Lil Boosie - 36 Oz

DOWNLOAD: Yung L.A. ft. Lil Boosie - 36 Oz
Normally im not a fan of this his music, but my cousin from bama got this stuck in my head, and the beat just grew on my even though the lyrics are TERRIBLE. the song is about 2 years old and boosie just dropped a new verse on it.

So True

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So True....if only zach knew

T.I. - Year & A Day

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Track List
01 Year & A Day Intro
02 Don’t Forget Me f. Mary J. Blige
03 Hell Of a Life
04 At It All Night
05 Make You Sweat
06 Get That Money
07 Hunt Em Down f. Lil Wayne (Unreleased Version)
08 Show Off f. Young Dro
09 Leaving With Me f. Chris Brown
10 Your A freak f. Blue Marley
11 On Top of the World f. Kanye West & B.o.B (Unreleased Version)
12 Still Ain’t Forgave Myself (Class T.I.P. Throwback)
13 Big Kuntry - I Do f. Young Dro & T.I.
14 All G
15 Collect Call f. Mitchellel
16 T.I. & MLK Outro

DOWNLOAD: T.I. Year & A Day

Finally Got My Internet working at my house

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So, i missed 3 days of music and a amazing toy story 3 Teaser..FML
Toy Story 3

Downloading Spectacular spiderman season 2 now! if you have a chance, watch it because it is the best spiderman series ever made...even better than the 90's with the bulk peter parker.

I'll add some some failure to this I guess, because my internet failed me
Pizza Fail

CH - New York City Girl f. MC Lyte

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This may be the first decent song I've heard from Charles his My Brain is Alive Mixtape (I only liked 2 songs on that), to bad he only gets one verse. That punch might have knocked some decent music in his had. I'll put this song in my rotation.
Charles Hamilton - New York City Girl feat. MC Lyte

**Click DivShare to Download**

QuEST - I Will

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I didnt wanna post again for the day, but then I heard this. This isnt just another spit over kanye's say you will. I got the chills when i heard this and listened to his lyrics. Crazy this dude isnt signed yet. I downloaded a couple oh his mixtapes, ill prolly toss them up here later. Cats only 18 and spits straight poetry to your ear. But please listen to this, he killed it, dont be come a casualty listening to this.

QuEST - I Will

Below was one of my favorite songs from his mixtae Distant Travels Into Soul Theory (Click To Download Mixtape), This dropped awhile ago..well in march
QuEST - Just My Imagination

Well, You are Sexy....Kanye - West Paranoid

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**This is a leaked version of the video, not the real version**

Havent put any Epic Fails up in awhile

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I ROFL everytime i see this about Redick...only maryland...........

Street Dreams - Movie

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Could this be the first decent skateboard movie? prolly not but, this feels like the days when i would play tony hawk 3 or 4. ( I dont believe the first two had storylines) Coming out June 12.
Via: Street Dreams


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New blog layout...yeaaa, my template/bloggin skillz are vicious! Uckoutta here Minima Darl template

Bobby Ray

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Bobby Ray - Put Me On

**click Divshare to Download**
Pretty hot riiiight?
via: Illroots

ALSO..on a below note..look at 50 now..
LMAO!! this is one milk dud i would not eat.

Tai Lung Owns

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I was rewatching this at my house, and i was thinking how badass is this scene. all that from a feather, tai lung pwns.

This Beat is illlllllllll

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6th Sence - "thoughts"

Just jump to 2:40 on the songs...the beat just makes you nod your head..and your like..."this ish is dope." lyrics arent that bad either, above average.
6th Sence - "Thoughts"

*click divshare to download*

via: Yoope, i took it from 2dopeboyz

Electrik Red

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I Think These girls need to get promoted more..not that me posting this will help. But There CD is Crakk. Its literally The Dreams' Album with Girls singing instead of him, and this album is hotter than his latest album IMO. Any 3 outta the 4 girls are give it a listen. I thought about posting the download for the album but kinda wanna buy the album....will see if i do i the next couple hours...LISTEN


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Completely useless and totally irrelevant but it is pretty awesome...Would be more awesome if it could tranform into a real laptop, but no, its a USB Hub that look like a laptop to plug up to your laptop. Can't believe transformers run on PC ^_^
Via: BigBadToyStore

Mr. Hudson Rocks With His Fresh Songs Out....In Concert

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Mr Hudson - Supernova

Mr Hudson - A Tale Of Two Cities

Mr Hudson - Instant Messenger

Mr Hudson - Stiff Upper Lip

Videos Done Roy Thomas..good stuff
I can not wait for his album
Via: Good Music Blog

CH is still my boy..but LOL!!

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FALCON PUNCH!! ROFLMAO..there's sonic rings flying out!!! LOL!!
The Video explains it all

Apparently that's his assistant and they had something? but who cares..just hilarious
Via: Nahright

Heartless In A Bottle

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* The Fray - Heartless (Kanye West Cover)
* Black Eyed Peas - Boom Boom Pow
* The Police - Message in a Bottle
* 2Pac - Dear Mama
* Alan Parsons Project - Ammonia Avenue
DOWNLOAD: Heartless In A Bottle (click to Download)
Via: Dj Earworm


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I dont like this song just because JT is in this, but the the beat is also hot
Esmée Denters - Casanova feat. Justin Timberlake

Drake Concert

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Dope cocert by Drake...need
Say What's Real


Brand New

Best I Ever Had & Every Girl

Crazy that the audience knew the words and he doesnt even have a legit CD yet...I didnt record Unstoppable..Sorry!
Video done by Your's Truly

DJ Yo Dah and Tommy Lee ft. Lil Wayne, Spark Dawg, Big Sean, Joell Ortiz, Sum 41 and J-Son “Loser”

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2 Dope songs in a row
**Tyga is not in this**
DJ Yodah & Tommy Lee - Loser f. Lil Wayne, Joell Ortiz & Big Sean

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Big Sean killed


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U-N-I - Land of the Kings

**Pleeaaase Click "Dvishare" to Download**
Dont know how to describe how dope this song is...but this song truly is HOT, strong production and equally hot on the lyrics. Gotta give more respect to U-N-I now. Literally, its non stop Chess references...just...straight...amazing. Cant wait to blast this in my car. (Dan even you should listen to this song..first verse has puns!!!)

Asher Roth

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So, I saw Asher Roth Friday, May 15. And it was pretty dope. I couldnt bring camera in because mine was to big, so dres had to take pictures on his iphone. But this was at the outside part of club Roxxy in Philly. Although the club part was pretty whack, Asher killed it. He only did 3 songs. I Love College, Be By Myself and She Dont Wanna Dance. I love College was hyped as anything, the entire crowed had there hands up singing the song. Big ups to Asher. Yeaaaa, i touched him - no homo


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Why is this hotter than the OGs?
Trey Songz - Songz Medley (over Every girl and one of ciara's beats)

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Coldplay <3 Left Right Left Right

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Coldplay just released this free download of nine of your favorite tunes, live. They've been giving away these CD's after their concerts
DOWNLOAD: Coldplay - Left Right Left Right

One of the Greatest Albums of My Childhood: Pokemon 2.B.A. Master

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Pokemon 2.B.A. Master

DOWNLOAD: Pokemon 2.B.A. Master
I forgot how amazing this CD was. The Song names are in spanish, but I'm sure you will survive. I'll upload the english one when i get around to it.

Yo Dawgs

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Drake & The Empire - The Drought Is Over: Friends With Money

DOWNLOAD: Drake & The Empire - The Drought Is Over: Friends With Money
Sorry its rapidshare...dont wanna upload it mediafire on campus

1. Drake Speaks
2. Good Night, Good Luck
3. Uptown (Original) (Feat. Bun B & Lil’ Wayne)
4. Drake Speaks
5. She Just Wanna Dance (Feat. Trey Songz)
6. Overdose On Life (Feat. Mickey Factz & Travie)
7. I Want Dis 4 Eva (Feat. Lil Wayne & Nut Da Kid)
8. Friends With Money
9. President Freestyle
10. Get Like Me (Feat. Lil Wayne)
11. Still Drake (Feat. Trey Songz)
12. What I’m Thinking Right Now
13. Girl Let Me (Feat. Belly)
14. Every Girl (Feat. Young Money)
15. Closer To My Dreams (Original)
16. Successful (Feat. Trey Songz & Lil’ Wayne)
17. Smile (Feat. Voyce Alexander)
18. Can’t Hide From Love Freestyle
19. Cannon Ball (Feat. Colin Monroe)
20. Best I Ever Had
21. Take You Down Freestyle
22. Enjoy Yourself (Feat. Slakah The BeatChild)
23. November 14th (Chuck Inglish Remix)
24. I’m Goin In (Feat. Lil’ Wayne)

Almost positive you've heard some of these songs before...

Finally!!!!! Mr. Hudson

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I've been waiting for this for awhile now. Mr. Hudson also confirmed that his Album will be coming out August 3. They've recorded a video for this song later April that should be coming out soon.
Mr. Hudson feat. Kanye West - Supernova

**click divshare to Download**

Mr. Hudson - Mix

**click Divshare to Download**
This is a mix of What I believe to be a samples of some of the songs that will be on his CD. He had it on his site its it should be official. Cant wait for the Album, i'll put a stash of $10 away for this.

Also...this is an awesome police dog

404 Error

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Dope Pictures

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Via: John W Defeo

2 illTracks

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Busta Rhymes f. Jamie Foxx, Mary J Blige, John Legend & Common - Decision
Mos Def - Casa Bey

**To download the songs click "DivShare" on the Player**

Scorpion Owns all

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Kyle showed me this and i ROFL'd....Hi!!larious!!

Chester French Concert

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Saw Chester French in concert May 7th at the First Unitarian Church in Philly and it was dope. Yes...this was a church..but did NOT feel like one at all. The band with two mans are the truth!! Met the lead singer of the band DA as we were waiting in line to get in. We saw him walkin up the street and we were like "oh that DA?" He looked like he was a fan to his own concert. He's a real down to earth guy and shorter than I thought, feel like we could be homo. Ha! I also met Max too! ENDURANCE!!!
The concert was in the basement of some church in philly, and i never heard that much cussing in church before...amazing. I'm guessing that there was around 110 people in the audience.
First Hollywood Holt opened....if only his lyrics had some depth. Did a bunch of around 5 songs but i cant remember any, but whatever..he's a hype boy, and he did get me hype for CF
Chester French was BOSSSSS! I only wish all the crowded knew their songs. The crowed cheered for an encore and i could tell DA wanted to do one also...but they didnt wanna take up time from ladySoverjfkhklgdhjlkghfdl..wack! But Dope concert, felt like i was on stage with them
Songs they played were:
  1. Jimmy Choos
  2. She Loves Every Body
  3. Neal
  4. Bebee Buell
  5. C'mon (On My Own)
  6. Starting A Band - Two Mans starring Solange
  7. Hella Good [Cover of No Doubt]
(I'm not to sure about the order, but i think its right)
Here are some pics

Oh yea...lady Soverignfdjlgkshgfl was the main are the pics:

Capitals Vs. Penguins Live Stream

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Since the Game is not on National TV...
Watch live video from booooobmilk's channel on
This is the best stream I found for the game.

The Cool Kids

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When ever i listen to this mixtape, my head never stops bobbin, every beat just makes me swag. Lyrics are iight, but this mixtape is worth downloading
DOWNLOAD: The Cool Kids - Gone Fishing

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Swizz Beatz - When I Step In the Club

I didnt want to believe this this was the final version of the song because it was so short, but i guess this video makes it offical. Beat is hot
DOWNLOAD: Swizz Beatz - When I Step In the Club

Back to Lyfe

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Wack title?..I agree

Lyfe Jennings - Haters

If you dont mind the audio tune phase
Ron Brows - Simple feat. Juelz Santana & Keri Hilson

This is from his coming up album Etherboy which im almost positive i will not buy

I Bullshit You Not!!

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DOWNLOAD: I Bull Shit You Not
If this is the mixtape...then the album must be amazingly craazy. Look out for the album Back on My Bullshit coming out May 19.

Concerts I'm Trying To Go To

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5/07 Chester French - 8:30 PM at First Unitarian Church in Philly
5/15 Asher Roth - 10:00 PM at Club Roxxy in Philly
5/25 Wale, Big Sean and Collin Munroe - 8:00 PM Wale: Attention Deficit at SONAR Baltimore, Maryland
6/06 Keyshia Cole, The Dream, Keri Hilson, Bobby Valentino - PIER 6 CONCERT PAVILION Baltimore MD

Milk and Cereal

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This song is a classic and awesome on so many levels.
G. Love & Special Sauce - Milk and Cereal

I'm pretty sure this was wanna my most played songs on my ipod in my n00b days