Chester French Concert

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Saw Chester French in concert May 7th at the First Unitarian Church in Philly and it was dope. Yes...this was a church..but did NOT feel like one at all. The band with two mans are the truth!! Met the lead singer of the band DA as we were waiting in line to get in. We saw him walkin up the street and we were like "oh that DA?" He looked like he was a fan to his own concert. He's a real down to earth guy and shorter than I thought, feel like we could be homo. Ha! I also met Max too! ENDURANCE!!!
The concert was in the basement of some church in philly, and i never heard that much cussing in church before...amazing. I'm guessing that there was around 110 people in the audience.
First Hollywood Holt opened....if only his lyrics had some depth. Did a bunch of around 5 songs but i cant remember any, but whatever..he's a hype boy, and he did get me hype for CF
Chester French was BOSSSSS! I only wish all the crowded knew their songs. The crowed cheered for an encore and i could tell DA wanted to do one also...but they didnt wanna take up time from ladySoverjfkhklgdhjlkghfdl..wack! But Dope concert, felt like i was on stage with them
Songs they played were:
  1. Jimmy Choos
  2. She Loves Every Body
  3. Neal
  4. Bebee Buell
  5. C'mon (On My Own)
  6. Starting A Band - Two Mans starring Solange
  7. Hella Good [Cover of No Doubt]
(I'm not to sure about the order, but i think its right)
Here are some pics

Oh yea...lady Soverignfdjlgkshgfl was the main are the pics:

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