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Monster Hoodies [link]

Ninja Hoodies
aww...no pirate hoodies....HA! laaammes [link]

Polar Bear Hoodie
Cutest hoodie ever by Rocket World [link]

iPod Hoodie
The only thing more awesome than a hoodie is a ipod hoodie. i dont think there is a word to describe how awesome this is...just full with so much awesomeness. To many awesomeness. [link]

Teriyaki Boyz Shark Hoodies
BAPE designed hoodies for the japanese hip-hop group Teryaki Boyz...the dopest Hoodies in the world...but cost way to much for me to buy right now =\ [link]

Just to add more awesomeness to this post:

too many awesomes! tooo many awesomes!

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