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So...who ever plays fantasy football with have been warned. i shall pwn you all, and ill let you in on some of my kinda sleeper players..
Normally, my first 2 picks will be RBs', 3rd WR or QB...and 4th..WR or for that 5th round spot...these players may be available.
Sleeper Running Backs who should be around in the middle rounds of the draft:
1. Pierre Thomas Saints or Reggie Bush - Saints
3. Derrick Ward (not sure if he will start, but if he does..i'd take him) - Tampa
4. Felix Jones - Cowboys
5. Ray Rice - Ravens
6. Julius Jones - Seahawks
With Matt back for the seahawks, this should take more pressure of the run and open more holes..hopefully he can get 1200 yds...
7. Correll Buckhalter - Broncos
if you trust a denver running bac...i kinda dont..but...could be a steal in the later rounds or FA.

Sleeper Quarterbacks
1. Matt Hasselbeck
2. Aaron Rodgers
3. Jason Campbell
4. Joe Flacco - UD

if i had team with QBs all named Matts id be mid rounder QB picks...
Matt Ryan
Matt Cassel
Matt Hasselbeck

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