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Bacon, Cheese and then there is the all mighty Ranch. Ranch is one of the three wonders of the world. The perfect mixture of buttermilk, mayo, garlic, and all the shit that goes in ranch makes it amazing. In fact, Ranch adds at least 10% or more amazingness to whatever you put it on. There are many brands of Ranch, but the Brand that is at the top of the pedestal is Hidden Valley. Its godly, the perfect mixture, texture, and thickness. Not to liquidity that when you pour it just falls off, yet not to thick that it just flops there. Then of course this is Wishbone Ranch, but they just fall in every category to Hidden Valley Ranch.
If you ever get a chance to have the 3 wonders (Cheese, Bacon and RANCH!!) it will probably be the great meal you have ever had all week, maybe even all month. Until you have something else with the 3 wonders of the world.

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