The Great Hangover

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88 Keys, Colin Munroe, Kid Cudi, & Asher Roth
(this will be a huuuuge post, until i learn how to add a "continue reading" on my blog)
My ears are still ringing from the concert from 88 keys, Colin Munroe, Kid Cudi and Asher B.o.B sadly. They performed in the eletric factory in philly, and was the final stop for The Great Hangover Tour. I guess i'll start out with 88 keys. dude was dope, did a couple tracks from The Death of Adam and called Collin Monroe to the stage to do a couple new and unheard songs. btw, i never had a camera that could take 2 min video that are over 200mb, which filled up my 2GB memory card right before cudi snapped. Blame it on pits. But back to 88 keys, my favorite track he did was Handcuffs, and Colin performed Flashing Lights and Last Cause. I only wish the audience actually knew who they were other than a handfull of people. Kudos to those handfull of people. And Shot outs to mikey and his green neon wrist band, he got game like EA(Teen rated games only)
To the main event, Cudi was too dope. When he came on i (and the audience) were emerged in the world of Cudi, that just put you in a zone. dont know how to explain it but i was literally like this if fucking crazy...excuse my language. It was very reminesant of Kanye's Glow in the Dark tour with the light display. He truly did own the stage that night. I was like wow...i dont want this to end if i wasnt so damn thirsty. It truly was amazing, i was glad my camera was full so i can just concentrate on and remember this performance. it makes you wanna live tha night over again. But his stand out performances to me were Sky High and Day n' Night. he did day n' night in 3 parts, (1) acapella, (2) the normal way and (3) and club remix which was crazy. literally can wait to cop his album Man on the Moon: The End of Day coming out September 15. check out some of the pics, i'll load the videos up on youtube later on and put the on a different post...The Cudders set was ill.
Doin Sky High...this was just too dope

Asher, Asher, Asher...he was so chilled and just vibed to the music. The dude really wants you to take out some green and light it up, which ended worked out in my favor thanks to the dude next to me. He knows how to put on a show, no lights, no special effects, just asher having fun doin real hip hop. I was so hyped, i almost for got to take pictures of him, to busy tossing my hands up. Also touched asher for the second time in my life when he staged dived...Cudi Staged dived to and I touched him also...NO HOMO. Overall the concert was amazing..if you happened to see it, i hoped you embraced that night because it was one of the greatest concerts i have ever been too. Good night, and check out the pictures. Videos coming soon, prolly when i get off of work tomorrow. (you can click on any of the pictures to enlarge them).
Shot outs to the green wrist band, and thats asher's towel. HA!
If you dont have any of the mixtapes here (click to download the following):
88 keys - Adams Case Files
Colin Munroe - Colin Munroe is the Unsung Hero
Kid CuDi - A Kid Named CuDi
KiD CuDi - Dat Kid from Cleveland (unoffical mixtape)
Asher Roth - Greenhouse Effect
let me know if one doesnt work
I'm not gonna post their albums...only 88 keys and asher has and album, but im sure you can use your resources to find it if you dont wanna buy it, or just ask me personally. ya diggg
If you want the other pictures i took, i uploaded to mediafire as a Zip file:
DOWNLOAD: The Great Hangover Pictures

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