R&B issshhhh

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I didnt know if i wanted to put the download link on here or post the video...but i dont feel like waiting for the ish to upload so ill put the download links up, nor did i wanna get caught for uploading by the university.
Couple of newish R&B songs out. (click on song to download)

Omarion feat Lil Wayne - Comfort
This song doesnt need weezy, but crakk chill beat

Day 26 feat. Young Joc & Diddy (LAAAME) - Imma Put It On Her
Even though its Day 26, the chorus is catchy, if you get past the diddy'ism of the song...the worst religion in the world.

Trey Songz - Brand New
Hot song..No homo

Gorrila Zoe - Echo
LOL!!! gorrila zoe is making pop...but prolly wont admit, but song is depressingly hot. I almost feel bad for liking it

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