Walking to class

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I was walking to class this mourning. I documented the time of the sighting on my phone, and i wish i had a camera on me. The time was 10:03am outside of Alison hall, in the Jungle Forest area where all the squirrels go crazy and jump out of trash cans scaring the hell out of people, thank god it was raining. Back to the point, i saw some girl with this umbrella...I drew a detailed picture of it in my notebook so i couldnt forget the sighting and showed it to dan before i went to sleep in class. I searched for it on ebay and i couldnt find it, and it took like 15min to find a pic of it online...but EYEGASMS!!! I want...
cor cor coco ey ore cor (my 100th post and Courtney is a chocolate whore[pokemon language])

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