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So, i was thinking who the best agent was..I came to a list of several agents Jack Bauer (24), Jason Bourne (Bourne Idenity), James Bond, Ethan Hunt (Misson Impossible), and Bryan Mills (Taken)(GTFO n00b).So, all these dudes are pretty badass and even..
1. Jason Bourne
Bourne would own everyone, maybe even batman and he's a superhero. When bourne shoots, he doesnt miss...everything is planned out and he's fuckin Matt Damon, i wish i was. He killed a dude with a bible or Koran...killed a dude with a newpaper....a pen...the dude pwns
2. James Bond (Daniel Craig)
...So there's many JB's...The Current JB(Daniel Craig) pwns and I think he is better than the pansy Ethan Hunt...He can never think clear though, he always spazzin over girls and doesnt know how to keep people alive to question them.
3. Ethan Hunt
The only reason Ethan is above Mills is because he is more athletic. He's just a typical agent....
4. Byran Mills
The dude from Taken, kicksass...traced his daughter down and literally killed EVERYONE in his way...he is so hood...Had no pity..look at him and you die
5. James Bond (Pierce Brosnan)
PANSY..i was so close to putting Bauer above him but his technology/weapons puts him ahead
6. Jack Bauer
Sorry Jack, he's the 3rd coolest, after Mills and Bourne...but i've seeb him shoot...he shoots a 9mm like 4 times to actually hit the person across the street. But, i do think Jack is smarter than all the James Bond...but his technology doesnt help him at all...He can never protect his daughter yet he saved LA and the (im only on season 2 LOL)
7. Kanye West
He's not an agent, but just by being kanye west he makes the list....yeaa im on his dick

If i wanted someone to protect me i would pick Byran Mills though...

2 Responses to "THE BEST AGENT?"

Anonymous Says :
June 18, 2009 at 5:44 PM

yo bauer needs to be up more..he pwns etthan hunt. jack chased after terrorists whiled having a virus that has no cure and breaks his neurological system down..or somthin like that, and still catches all the bad guys

The Psyentist Says :
June 22, 2009 at 1:29 PM

there's no way Bauer could pwn ethan hunt....Ethan hunt is a beast (apart for being Tom Cruise)...and he can run fast as ish..gtfo

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