Driving to Passion Pit

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Not sure why i did this. There was a bunch of tornado warning in delaware so i thought i'd bring my camera with me to my night class. On the way back why i realize i wasnt going to be able to catch a tornado with my camera because there wasnt one..LAME...I was like..what the hell, lets recorded me driving back to my house listenin to Passion Pit..UNLAME.. kinda bad quality..but oh well.The two songs are (1) Swiming in the Flood and (2) Folds In Your Hands. My whip game is serious! always use your signals

Well, i got outta the car my back tire was smoking..wtf, i wasnt even speedin...i need new brake pads i guess? Also, if you somehow have skillz and try to trace me to my house...i hope you have swords ^_^

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