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My jeans' 1 year anniversary ! (well their birthday is sometime in mid june, dont know the exact date of his birthday). So, these are my first pair of raw denim jeans, they were pretty cheap for raw denim, so i didnt have high expectations for these. Anyway, here are the result, i washed them once around late november and i've worn them almost everyday i about 4 to 5 times a week (give or take a few days). I've got some honeycombs, whiskers, wallet mark, and a unnoticeable ipod mark in my left front pocket. also a little bit of fade...really, its not much after 1 year of wear.

I'm gonna invest in a pair of APC's next....except they cost 155 but its worth the investment, Raw Denim, unwashed 100% cotton Standard jeans! w/ 5 pockets!

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