Novel - Suspended Animation (Mixtape)

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This dude needs more press, has a Neo-Soul vibe to his singing. Very nice..he could do big things to R&B...and he drops mixtapes too..amazing..made that hottest remix to The Sky Might Fall. but this mixtape is crakkkkkk
01. Intro
02. Suspended Animation (feat. Ced Hughes)
03. Sky Might Fall (Soul Remix)
04. Her
05. Message To Rhianna (feat. Ghostface)
06. Good Luv
07. Put It On
08. Makes You Happy (Smooth Mix)
09. Around We Go
10. To Find A Hero (feat. Colin Munroe)
11. Interlude
12. Dream World (feat. Spree Wilson)
13. So Much More (feat. Joell Ortiz & Papoose)
14. Song Cry Part 2
15. Mad World (Remix)
16. E.O.T.W. (aka Donnie Darko)

DOWNLOAD: Novel - Suspended Animation (Mixtape)

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