The Psyentist Vol. 1

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Recognize Hip Hop When It's Here!
So, i was on a mission to make a collection of songs from hip hop artist that arent getting recognized. this isnt a mixtape but it makes me feel good when i see the word mixtape. Anyway, i did NOT put any B.oB., Drake, Cudi, Charles Hamilton, Wale or Asher on that i think of it not even Big Sean (dont know how tabi got in here, but oh well). I wanted to push some artist that deserved some love also. So, Download and listen if you trust my choices.

Track List
  1. Novel - Suspended Animation (feat. Ced Hughes)
  2. Wiz Khalifa - Ink My Whole Body
  3. XV - Final Fantasy XV
  4. Tabi Bonney - Nuthin' But A Hero
  5. QuESt - You Don't Even Know
  6. NeakO - Can't Let Her Go
  7. QuESt - Mr. Cool
  8. 810 - Here We Go Again
  9. The Freshmen - Hello There
  10. The Cool Kids - Knocked Down
  11. QuESt - Industry Shit
  12. Wiz Khalifa - Shame
  13. Outasight - Brand New Day
  14. XV - This Shit Here
  15. Outasight - When I Heard The Beat Knock
  16. Wiz Khalida - Get Sum
  17. U-N-I - Supreme
  18. Nero - I Get Lyrical
  19. TiRon - Throwing My Money
  20. XV - Mirror's Edge
  21. U-N-I - Black Sky
  22. Mike Posner & the Brain Trust - A Matter of Time
(This will not be in order because i dont want to nor do i have the time to number these tracks, then change them back for my well wouldve uploaded it to mediafire but its bigger than 100 mb)

DOWNLOAD: The Psyentist Vol. 1

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Anonymous Says :
July 7, 2009 at 12:45 PM

Very nice idea. XV has been goin hard lately and he does need more pub.

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