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So, im goin to try an have my addicting song of the week from some mixtape that i happen to been listening too. So this week I've been on Kid Daytona's diiiaaa-His swagger goes hard (no pun intended). But give my two favoirtie songs from this mixtape a spin..or click. From his mixtape Come Fly With Me that dropped way back in the spring of 2009, with 6th Sense producing more than half of the beats, Ayyyyy. But when the shit is dope and not many people have heard of him, you have to put it up to show that hip hop is alive. His voice and flow just does something that hooks you in.
First song is Air Born feat. Bun B, and when you dont get out done by Bun B on a song...this song must be stupid straight fire (if that make sense). They're making a video for this song now.
Kid Daytona - Air Born feat. Bun B

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The second song Flava Season {prod. Double 0} is like a 2 pt. song...just make sure you make it to the second part of the song when the beat slows down, he goes in. dope flow
The Kid Daytona - Flava Season

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Download his mixtape: Come Fly With Me
if you dont like it go try and sleep on a highway

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