Beasty Fantasy Team

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Stan: Nice to meet you. You kinda suck, but my dad said you might be good someday.
----the day has the fantasy world.
Out of my 18 or so fantasy football teams, this is my only undefeated 4-0 team. this team is amazing...and now watch me lose this week.
Optimus Prime On My Wall
QB - Tony Romo
RB - Pierre Thomas
RB - Marion Barber
RB/WR - DeAngelo Willaims
WR - Andre Johnson
WR - Vincent Jackson
TE - Brent Celek
D/ST - Vikings D
K- Neil Rackers
Bench - DeSean Jackson
Bench - Jay Cutler
Bench - Ray Rice
Bench -Percy Harvin
Bench - John Carlson
Bench - Glenn Coffee
Bench - Sammy Morris

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